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Don’t Bet Against the U.S. House

The United States is not finished deciding if it wants to continue striving to become a more perfect union or to descend into Trump’s self-fulfilling prophecy of ‘American carnage’ he spoke about unironically at his own inauguration. We heard from US politicians and the media that this was the most important election of our lifetime…

A Progressive Endorsement of Biden

“Just the court issue alone warrants a vote for Joe, but he also represents a return to normalcy, and an end to the crazy.”

Trump's Message on Public Health an Empty Sales Pitch

By Greg Dolezal It’s too soon to know if the 38% or so Trump supporting Americans have any cognitive dissonance right now when it comes to trusting government, relying on experts, and adhering to draconian mandates restricting their behavior. More interesting will be observing how the Right wing media reacts after socialist solutions like sending…

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