To the Sullen Sanders Supporters

By Greg Dolezal
Columnist & Publisher

For political Lefties of all stripes – liberals, progressives, and democratic socialists who are dismayed by the certainty of Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee, there is hope and a plan.

Elect like-minded candidates to Congress, state houses, local government, and even governorships.The Sanders campaign activated millions of supporters to policies like medicare for all, corporate accountability, and other civil society causes. It remains a grassroots success story even if it did not produce an electoral win for the candidate himself.

By not accepting PAC money or large corporate donors and relying on small dollar donations of everyday people, Sanders showed that however rare, a politician can be a representative of the people.

However, running for president every four to eight years and parachuting in from the top is deeply at odds with the long term viability of a grassroots movement.

To affect real change, a democratic socialist president would need allies at every level of government – local, state, and federal – in order to get an agenda passed.

There is plenty of disappointment to go around for those who ardently supported the likes of Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders this time around, but the path forward is clear – keeping running… for everything.

In the meanwhile, a Biden presidency would ensure that the courts would not move further to the extreme Right. Take solace in that. And keep fighting.

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